Francis Rock Infertility Services

Francis is focused on treating infertility and reproductive health using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) techniques.

Our goal is to help couples conceive naturally without the use of Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART).

Success of IVF can be improved by 65%

Many women ultimately consider in vitro fertilization in their attempts to start a family. Recently Chinese medical specialists have been able to demonstrate that the chances of having a successful and healthy pregnancy can be maximized by combining Western medicine and Chinese medicine.

For those who decide on the route of Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ART ) such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), our treatments can improve the outcome.

TCM techniques have been proven to treat

  • PMS
  • Endometriosis
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Pelvic Inflammatory disease
  • Certain causes of miscarriage
  • Increase Libido
  • Raise sperm counts, quality and motility
  • Enhance fertility
  • Luteal phase defect
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Francis provides acupuncture for IVF support and pre / post natal care.
We believe that the most important time in determining good chances of conceiving is the three months prior to conception. The reason for this is because women’s follicles are recruited over a period of between 3 to 6 months before being chosen for ovulation. For this reason we believe in a treatment period of at least three months in order to regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormones and optimize egg quality.

A recent German study found that using acupuncture with IVF achieved a 42% clinical pregnancy rate in the test group, compared to 26% in the control group that did not receive acupuncture. The study involved using acupuncture for only one day shortly before and after embryo transfer.
It is likely that this rate can be further increased to around 60% by using Chinese medicine treatments both during the preparation period for IVF and throughout the IVF procedure.

The success rate of IVF can be improved in the following ways

  1. Improvement of ovarian function producing better quality eggs
  2. Production of a larger number of follicles through hormonal regulation
  3. Decrease in the stress of patients
  4. Increased uterine blood flow and increased thickness of uterine lining
  5. Alleviate and decrease the side effects of drugs used in IVF
  6. Prevent the uterus from contracting
  7. Boost the immune system
  8. Improve sperm counts and motility
  9. Decrease the chances of miscarriage

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