Chinese Medicine as a Preventative for Flu / H1N1

With the winter season now upon us, it is inevitable that we will be seeing cases of colds and flu on the increase in the coming months. It is interesting to note that in China it was found that Chinese medicinal formulas were shown to be quite effective as a preventative course of action, and in fact in some instances also effective as a treatment modality in full blown cases.

The most commonly reported symptoms are cough, fever, sore throat, malaise and headache.

From a Chinese Medicine viewpoint this is due to the transmission of a so called external pathogenic factor entering the body from the “Wei” or most superficial layer and progressing to the deeper “Qi” level with a pattern of Lung Heat which eventually reaches the deepest Ying and Blood levels.

By using safe and effective herbal formulas it is possible to have a preventative course of treatment by strengthening the body’s immunity and resistance to viruses and bacteria and also for acute cases other formulas can be used to help cut down the time of recovery.

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